The Dounreay Trì project is a commercial demonstration project, to be installed off the North coast of Scotland within a site approximately 9 km off Dounreay, Caithness. Hexicon has developed a semi-submersible foundation for offshore wind power that is designed to be turbine agnostic, which means it can support any commercial turbine. The Dounreay design hosts two 5 MW wind turbine generators.

The platform weathervanes around the third column of the triangular platform using a turret bearing and an electrical swivel. A turret is an oil and gas product that is proven for decades on e.g. FPSOs (Floating Production Supply and Offloading) vessel.

A single dynamic export cable brings the power ashore. Subject to a Connection Offer from Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution, the associated onshore electrical infrastructure to connect the newly constructed substation at, or near, the existing Dounreay 33 kV substation. The substation will include switchgear, protection, and some local control.


Project Delivery Team
To successfully execute the Project, Dounreay has appointed several well-respected parties within the renewables industry, such as Atkins, RES Offshore, ABS and Hexicon.

The Project has received final consent in March 2017 which has been followed by construction start. Offshore Commissioning is planned to commence latest September 2018.