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Our Solutions

Hexicon Offshore Floating Platforms

  • Several turbines on the same platform

    Multi Turbine installations provide scale of economy, and the platform becomes more competitive than stand-alone concepts. This features offers a developer to install more MW in the same concession area than what is normally the case.

  • Platforms turning around its axis

    Hexicon platforms turn automatically into the wind for optimal efficiency (HEXICON PATENT). The ability to turn the platform gives each turbine free and linear wind at all times.

  • Can be moored independent of depth

    This feature drastically increases access to more locations with best possible wind conditions.

  • Conventional offshore & marine technology

    Throughout the platform, existing well proven marine technologies are used to build the platforms at shipyards in sheltered waters while installing wind turbines at the same time.

Construction - The platform will be built in shipyards, completely and with wind turbines already mounted in a protected environment, and then towed into location. The only work at sea is the mooring and electrical cable connection.

Longevity - The platform can be designed for a lifetime of 40+ years with regard to corrosion and fatigue.

Standardization - Engineering and construction costs are significantly reduced by allowing the develop to have the same platform design throughout an entire wind energy park. Conventional foundations have to be individually engineered due to the variation of the seabed conditions.

Easy access  The platform provides easier and safer access for onboard entry in harsh weather conditions than what is currently the norm.

Operation profile - The Hexicon platform basic designs offer a range of different onboard facilities, such as living quarters, repair shops, spare part store, etc. This enables each platform and project to be optimized for each specific location for best possible efficiency, availability and O&M cost.

Sub Station onboard - A Hexicon platform can act as a “hub” with an on board substation “built-in” to service several nearby platforms and thus handle transport of electricity to shore from several platforms simultaneously. This reduces cost and need for external sub-stations and associated “sea cabling” which in turn translates into increased wind park efficiency.

Relocation - In case of emergency or resale, the platform can be easily disconnected from the moored position and be moved to a different location.

Refitting of Platform - The platform can be towed back into a shipyard for planned maintenance or refitting. There is no need for special purpose vessels for this kind of work.

Possible integrations of complementary technologies - The platform can be used for multi-purpose, such as e.g. wave power, tidal power, solar power, desalination, fish farming, oxygenation, etc.

End of Life - The platform can easily be towed to shipyards for decommissioning/scrapping.

Worldwide patent - Hexicon’s different platform designs are subject to an ongoing R&D with several patents pending and a continuous expansion of the global patent family.

Partners - Hexicon has over the past 5 years established relationships with leading marine industry Engineering Corporations, OEMs, System Suppliers as well as Construction Shipyards in different countries.