Hexicon is a Swedish corporation engaged in the design, development and engineering of floating multi-turbine wind power platforms. The company’s patented technology enables platforms to be positioned further offshore in deeper waters with better wind conditions. The technology allows the platforms to align with the wind direction, thereby maximizing efficiency and energy yield. The company was founded in 2009 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

Hexicon’s unique design enable double turbines from a single platform results resulting in lower costs per installed MW and up to 70% more output than existing wind parks. Parks with Hexicon’s technique require less inter-array cables which saves both CAPEX and cost of installation. With a single foundation, maintenance is facilitated and access to multiple turbines can be made with a single crew transfer.

The platform is assembled in a dry dock increasing safety during construction. The mooring system and export (inter-array) cable is installed prior to the platform arriving on site for a swift hook-up and facilitated connection to the electrical grid. Two turbines are delivered in one tow operation making the overall installation 50% faster than single turbine park

Besides economic benefits the Hexicon’s multi-turbine technique reduces the environmental impact thanks to the reduced need for inter-array cables which are plowed into the seabed. Geophysical and geotechnical study requirements are also reduced, and the amount of inter-array cable is reduced by 45% per installed MW. Two turbines on each platform can result in a windfarm with 70% higher electricity output for a given area.

Hexicon has designed several turning solutions as well as specific mooring solutions and constantly expand its IP-portfolio. In 2014 Hexicon was awarded a grant for R&D by the Swedish innovation agency, VINNOVA. In 2015 and 2016, basin tests at MARIN, Netherlands were successfully completed. In 2016, Hexicon contracted FORCE Technology to measure drag coefficients of the above-water and below-water sections of the hull and turbines to calibrate the technology.

One of Hexicon’s major projects is Dounreay Trì north of Scotland. Construction started in March 2017 but the project is currently on hold. There is strong commitment from the project’s key suppliers to re-start the project and commissioning is planned Q1 2020 by the latest.

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